Selling a House as is with No Inspection – How to Sell Your House As Is

Selling House As Is – Can you sell a house as is, or do you renovate? Let us assure, we buy houses! If you live in Greenville South Carolina and surrounding areas and would like to sell your house with no inspection, we can help. The trouble with a hassle-free as is sale is that all buyers need to do these days is hire a home inspector to get a list of complaints they can use to negotiate a lower price on the home.

Obviously, this is not the main purpose of a home inspection, but it is a direct consequence. This means more stress on your end as the seller. Keep reading to find out how you can sell your house by owner as is – Without having the flaws from an inspection hanging over your head.

Real Estate Investors for Greenville, South Carolina Homes

At Hearthstone Investors, we take damaged or unwanted Greenville houses and turn them into beautiful and desirable homes.

If you just take a look at the Standards of Practice for residential home inspectors the SC Labor Licensing and Regulations Board imposes, you realize a home inspector will basically dissect your property looking for flaws. The flaws will not matter to us because to us you can sell house as is. So forget about the nagging question “can I sell house as is, or renovate. Would you like to know how to sell your house for cash? Would you like to sell it fast? Not to worry, we will pay you so that you can sell your house fast and hassle-free.

Selling House As Is – Selling for Cash As Is Without an Agent

Want to know how to sell your home for cash fast? Here is an overview of what a home inspection in South Carolina should cover according to the above-mentioned Standards of Practice, paying special attention to type, style, materials, functionality, defects, remaining lifespan:

  • Roof and gutters system: roof cover, flashing, skylights, roof penetrations (vents and plumbing stacks), fireplace chimneys, gutters and downspouts, other systems installed on the roof (solar panels, antennas)
  • Home exterior: trim, siding or wall coverings, paint, caulking, windows, doors, screens, porches, patios, decks, balconies, alterations
  • Carport / Garage: location, type, style, size, doors, openers
  • Electrical circuit: over current protection, main conductors, branch circuit, service panel, incoming service, grounding cable, outlets and fixtures, ground fault circuit interrupter, smoke detectors
  • Basement, slab, and crawl space: entry access location, ventilation, floors, foundation walls, sump pump
  • Plumbing system: water pipes, waste pipes, water supply, waste disposal system, main water shut-off, water heater, faucets, drains, water pressure, shower and fixtures, washer, dryer, other equipment
  • Heating: system, fuel, thermostat, heating capacity, energy efficiency rating, ducts, vents, filters, control panel
  • Cooling: energy source, type, brand, capacity
  • Attic: Access, insulation, depth, ventilation, framing
  • Interior: walls, ceilings, stairs, doors, windows, fireplaces, kitchen equipment, appliances, dishwasher
  • General residence conditions

As you can guess home buyers that use an inspector will unlikely be the ideal way of how to sell your home for cash fast. If you take a look at your home from the perspective of an inspector, you will find many things that are not exactly the way they should be. This is why, for many homeowners in Greenville, no inspection house sales are the best, if not the only alternative. Unfortunately, selling a home with no inspection is not always the safest alternative. If you hide relevant details regarding the condition of your home, the buyer could then sue you for violating the stipulations of the South Carolina Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act. Whether you perform the inspection and give the buyer reasons to lower the price or sell without an inspection and pay the consequences of not mentioning your home issues, you still stand to lose a lot of money. How can you avoid that?

So what is the secret of how to sell your home to a cash buyer and get the best price? First of all don’t do the home repairs yourself, sell house as is. You may be asking, can you sell the house as is and still get a good price? You can if you go through Hearthstone Investors. Hearthstone does not use home inspections to talk you down in the price of any fixer upper. They don’t use home inspections to negotiate you doing the work yourself and absorbing the costs. Instead, it is better for you to sell house as is to them.

In fact, the only reason for Hearthstone Investors to look at, or inspect, the house is to get an idea of what repairs will cost for them to make repairs to the house according to their specs. This is important for selling a house quick. So, basically, if you have a fixer upper and do the repairs yourself, you will be wasting not only your time but your money too, because repairs and installations you make will be changed or replaced once you sell your fixer upper to Hearthstone Investors.

Selling Houses for Cash – As Is FAST!

The Ultimate Solution for Selling Houses for Cash As Is with No Inspection and No Risks

If you’re wondering, if you should sell your house as is, or how to sell your home to a cash buyer, or selling a house quick, OR, how to sell your home for cash, then LOOK NO FURTHER!  Now there is a way to sell your house as is with no inspection and still get a good price on it? Sell it to us. At Hearthstone Investors, we buy homes in the Greenville area and we repair, renovate, and sell them for a fair market price.

You may be asking “Can I sell my house as is?” The question is not “Can” but how do you sell your house as is? Selling a house quick may be a challenge unless you work with Hearthstone Investors. Because, for us, the condition of your home does not matter, since we are going to perform in-depth repairs no matter what. New doors, windows, and structural fixes may all be part of the overall design plan anyway, depending on the condition of your home.

In other words, when looking at your home, we are more interested in its location, the available land, and the property it has the potential to become. We will not request an inspection for it, but just send a team to see it, assess its potential, and gather the data we need in order to make you a fair offer. That’s right SELL HOUSE AS IS. Based on our findings, we will make you a fair offer, one that allows you to obtain your home’s value and allows us to carry on with our investment plans and make a profit. Needless to say, our offer involves no obligations on your part. This means that in the event that you find our price low, you have no obligation to sell your house to us. You can keep looking for a buyer for as long as you wish.

How to Sell a House in as is Condition Fast for Cash with No Inspection

If you want to sell your house with no inspection, you need to follow our simple, streamlined process that involves:

  1. Reaching out to us expressing your interest in selling property to Hearthstone Investors
  2. A property visit we will schedule in advance
  3. A price offer you will receive soon after the property visit
  4. The actual sale, where we take care of the paperwork and pay the agreed price

Before you take the first step, here are a few more details about what we expect and offer every step of the way:

  • When you reach out to us initially, be sure to include your contact information and, if possible, clear details regarding your property such as the location coordinates, construction data, and materials, built surface, major structural damage, rooms and layouts, relevant photos.
  • We will contact you to schedule the visit and, if necessary, ask a few questions. Do not hesitate to let us know which days or hours are more convenient for you and we will do our best to match them. You can accompany our team during the visit or just make sure they have access to the property.
  • Our price offer will rely on the observations our team makes during the visit and on the results of our research.
  • If you accept our offer, we will do everything in our power to finalize the transaction as soon as possible, pay the price agreed, and become owners of your property.

Benefits of Selling House As Is to Hearthstone Investors

You Do Not Have to Have a House Inspection

Our promise to you is simple: if you sell your house as is it does not have to have a home inspection by us if we are the buyer. if you are trying to sell your house with no inspection then turn to us, you will benefit from:

  • Direct and friendly services – No matter if you contact us only to ask a few questions or to follow the simple steps described above, our staff members will answer promptly and do everything they can to ensure your experience with Hearthstone Investors is satisfactory. We have no intermediaries, so we will stand by our promises and never ask you to pay for third-party services. Needless to say, everything you discuss with our representatives is strictly confidential.
  • Fast, easy to follow, no inspection house sales – Greenville homebuyers are picky, but we are not. We will tell you from the beginning if we are interested in your home or not, although most Greenville properties match our needs and budgets. If we are, we will make you a fair offer and close the deal, assuming you accept. You can forget about repeated house visits and bargaining for a better price.
  • Fair price, payable immediately – You know that feeling of accomplishment you only experience when the good you do to others returns to you? We have experienced it and became addicted to it. We love to help Greenville homeowners finalize their no inspection house sales, and we love to see the houses we buy turn into modern, comfortable, energy-efficient, and safe places any family would be happy to call home.
  • Hasslefree sale/acquisition process – We have already described the easy steps you need to follow in order to sell your house with no inspection, and we hope it is obvious they help you avoid many of the hardships of hunting for buyers the traditional way. There will be no need to perform repairs or maintenance, stage your home, organize open house presentations, list your property on various real estate platforms, spend hours on the phone with potential buyers or real estate agents, show your place to people who will never buy it, or wait for weeks to receive a price offer.

Selling House As Is or Fix It?

No Home Inspection Required by Hearthstone Investors

Through traditional sales, homeowners face a great risk when putting their home at the mercy of a home inspector or prospective home buyers who are only looking at the property for things that will help them negotiate a lower price. At Hearthstone Investors, we understand how stressful this can be and why you want to avoid having your home inspected in the first place. If this sounds like your situation, then you should take advantage of our risk-free solution by selling your home to us. Since we plan to renovate all the properties we purchase, we will not try to low ball you based on the condition of your home.

You can sell your house as is to us if you have a house for sale in Greenville and want to sell it as is, you have nothing to lose by giving us a call to see if we have a deal that meets your best interests. We are here to answer your questions, and we are ready to include your home in our efforts to renovate beautiful new homes for Greenville residents. All you have to do is reach out to our team and let us know that you are ready to sell your house with no inspection – Selling house as is, is no problem with us. Our Greenville Hearthstone Investors representatives look forward to completing a new acquisition. How to sell a house as is to us? Simple. Contact us now and let’s make it happen! Call 864-501-0525.

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