What Happens to Your House in a Divorce in Greenville

Divorce is very stressful. Add to it, selling a house during divorce and stress can “sky rocket” If you are going through a divorce, you may be faced with selling a house after divorce agreement. Of course one of your best options is selling house before divorce is final and dividing the equity. If neither your spouse or you wants to remain in the house, you can decide to put it on the market and try to sell it for the best price. Once you sell it, before splitting the equity, the first mortgage and if you have any equity line or second mortgage, you’ll have to pay off that too. Not to mention broker’s fees will have to be paid. Of course, any extra expenses eats away at your equity. Contact Hearthstone Investors for a FREE consultation to see how we can help you with selling house before divorce is final.Call today to find out how we can help you. Call  864-501-0525.

Don’t forget you may also be faced to pay any capital gains tax that could possibly apply. These sorts of expenses are simply a disadvantage of selling a house during divorce, especially if it is a buyer’s market. And the biggest disadvantage is the need relocate your children to another area and cause more hardship on them in addition to your divorce.

If current market conditions are not in your favor, or your home takes a long time to sell, there are numerous aspects you need to think about before you can begin looking for buyers to purchase your home.

Questions and Concerns About Selling A House After Divorce Agreement

When selling a house after a divorce agreement some related questions and concerns may come up such as:

  • What options do you have for selling a house after divorce agreement
  • Enforcing the Sale of your home after divorce
  • How you can sell a house during a divorce
  • What happens to your house in a divorce
  • How to keep your house in a divorce… OR
  • Who keeps the house in a divorce
  • Willing assets before divorce
  • Who gets the house in a divorce with children
  • What about a Will of house before or after divorce
  • What happens with a house in divorce with no equity
  • Buying a house during divorce
  • Can you buy another house while going through divorce
  • Who gets to stay in the house during a divorce
  • What happens when just one spouse on mortgage divorce
  • Can you have a divorce mortgage buyout
  • During divorce who pays the mortgage during separation
  • Should everything in the house first be sold.
  • Various other divorce and mortgage questions

These should all be important concerns to most couples going through divorce; however, Hearthstone Investors can provide you with peace of mind knowing that anything to do with finding a buyer is settled.

Things to Consider When Selling A House After Divorce Agreement

  • The legal situation of the property – Unless you have ways to prove that you owned the property before getting married, it will fall under the stipulations of Section 20-3-610 from SC Code of Laws and qualify as marital property, subject to equitable division. This means you cannot sell it without your former spouse’s consent.
  • Your ex-spouse’s position on selling your Greenville house after the divorce – “can i be forced to sell my house in a divorce?”. It depends. If your relationship with your spouse is decent, you may not be forced to sell your house after your divorce agreement, however, you may want to bring this up to your attorney. Keep in mind, if the house qualifies as marital property, you cannot sell it without your ex-spouse’s consent. Make sure you obtain the consent before you even begin looking for advice on how to sell a house during a divorce.
  • Asking price – You have no way of guessing what price you can get for your home, but you should do your research and agree on a minimum low to ask for and accept with your spouse. It does not help if one of you wants to sell but expects a price higher than any buyer would be willing to pay.
  • Relocation date – You probably want to move out of the house and move on with your life as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always doable, especially when there are children involved. Therefore, you should set a deadline for moving out and stick to it. If you are lucky enough to find a buyer for your home, you may want to stipulate the moving out deadline as a condition of the sales contract.
  • Property condition – If you have been having marital problems, chances are you could not agree on home improvements either. What would a home inspector’s report on your home look like? Potential buyers will use any flaw they can find to bargain for a lower price, so you should talk to your ex-spouse and make a choice: 1) sell the house after the divorce as it is to anyone willing to buy it, even if it means getting a lower price, 2) investing some money and time to make the house presentable and obtain the price it deserves, 3) find a real estate development company who will assess your home at its real potential and pay you a good price for it as it is. and 4) If you are looking for the best way to how to sell a house during a divorce, Heartstone can show you a convenient, fast, and fair way to get the best price for your house. with the most convenience and providing you with peace of mind about selling a house after divorce agreement has been signed.

Selling A House After Divorce Agreement and Before It is Final

selling a house after divorce agreement

What happens to a house in a divorce?

From renovations to negotiating with buyers, it can be a hassle to sell your home after a divorce agreement has been signed when all you really want to do is move forward with your life. That’s why selling a house during divorce may be the best option. At Hearthstone Investors, we can make the process as simple as possible for you.

This means you have already found someone to whom you can sell your house after divorce – whether or not it is a fixer upper you can sell your house as is to Hearthstone Investors. We renovate houses in Greenville for a living, and we have many clients waiting to see what we can do with yours. If you would like to know more about how to sell your Greenville home after a divorce and what working with us means, all you have left to do is reach out to us and settle the details. Here is how you can do that in just four steps:

  1. Contact Us
    Once you have received the divorce decree, or as soon as you have cleared the above aspects with your ex-spouse, you can get in touch with us by phone or email and express your interest in our offer. We will ask you to provide your contact details and information regarding your property, such as its location, whether you are the sole owner or it is a shared property, its size and layout, the condition it is in, your asking price, and how much time you need to move out.
  2. Work with US
    As soon as you complete the first step, we will look up the property and do our own research. We will call you within a couple of days to ask a few questions (if we have any) and to schedule a property tour. Do not hesitate to tell us what dates and hours would be most convenient for you, and we will do our best to stick to them. Finally, come or send someone to show us the property. This will probably be the only visit, as we do not usually request home inspections, and our teams are experienced enough to tell at first sight when a property matches our vision and how much it is worth. We treasure your time, so we will not waste it.
  3. Analyze Our Offer
    We will use the results of our research and the observations we made during the property tour to make you an attractive and fair acquisition offer on your home. We would be grateful if you considered our offer, discuss it with your ex-spouse, and inform us of your decision.
  4. Finalize the Papers
    Assuming you accept our price, the following step would be to make your home sale official. We will try to keep the process as simple as possible and finish fast, and we will even play the intermediary between you and your ex-spouse if we have to. Our only desire is that you sign those papers knowing you made the right decision and that you make the most of the money you get.

You have to admit it is quite easy to sell your house after a divorce to Hearthstone Investors of Greenville, South Carolina. It, in fact, when you sell your home with us, you enjoy many other benefits that we have outlined for you below:

Benefits of Selling the House After Divorce Agreement to Hearthstone Investors?

  • End the Fight with Your Ex-Spouse. One of you filed for divorce. No matter if you were the one to make the final decision or your ex-spouse did, the takeaway message is the same: you can no longer live together. Selling your house during divorce to us will allow each of you to find a new home and start a new chapter in life.
  • Never Worry About Repairs or Home Inspections. Perhaps the best part of selling your house during divorce to Hearthstone Investors is that we do not use the damage against you, we do not request repairs, and we do not perform home inspections. The construction will undergo major rehabilitation work anyway, so we see no use in wasting both time and money on such procedures.
  • Move Out of the House on Your Own Terms. We know how tough divorces can be and we understand that you or your spouse may need to continue living in the house for a while, even after the transaction is final. We will gladly accept that, as long as you tell us from the beginning how long it would take to enable us to plan the rehabilitation work accordingly.
  • Sell Your House After the Divorce at a Good Price. We offer some of the best house prices in Greenville, upfront, and everyone knows that. Our evaluations are fair and accurate, and our sellers never come to regret their decision of working with us.
  • Cut Out Intermediaries and Commissions. Since you will be selling directly to us, you can forget all about real estate agents and the commissions they may charge. What we agree on stands until the end and we discuss everything openly.
  • Work with People Who Respect and Understand You. From the moment you contact us, you can expect our representatives to treat you and your ex-spouse with the utmost respect. Everything you reveal to us will be confidential, and we will try to make your experience with Hearthstone Investors as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.
  • Fast Resolution. We have the simplest and fastest acquisition procedures on the market, so, if you are in a hurry to sell your home after the divorce and get your money, you have come to the right place.

Regardless if you have a house in divorce settlement, concerned about who gets the house in a divorce with children, divorce house buyout, selling assets before your divorce, or simply put, the divorce sale in general. You are one step away from getting an excellent deal on your Greenville property.

If you are selling a house during divorce, take an important step right now! You don’t have to experience the stress and financial worries of renovating your old home, fixing major structure problems, or giving it a “face lift”, in order to get a good deal on a sale, or wait for the right buyer to come along and wait for them to qualify for a mortgage. Instead, you can sell it as is by simply reaching out to Hearthstone Investors to discuss selling a house after divorce agreement in Greenville, South Carolina today.

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