6 Things to Know About Selling Your Home in the Winter in Greenville, SC.

While the heat of the summer is upon us, you may have big plans to sell your home this winter. The time may be right for you, and you may be envisioning yourself in a new abode by the holidays. With winter comes some dreary days and you need to think about how this can affect selling your home in Greenville, SC.  Winter home sales can be challenging at times. You don’t have the lush green to brag about, and your curb appeal may be lacking, especially if there has been a snowfall or ice storm recently. In order to sell your home during the winter months, you need to consider what a potential homebuyer is dreaming about in a new home.  All the details need to be perfect for a homebuyer to provide an offer and you need to remember that your home will be critically evaluated even during the winter.

Six Tips For Selling Your Home in Greenville, SC During the Winter Months 

Add Some Outdoor Allure

The outside of your home matters during the winter. Unlike the summer home sales months, you may have an outdoor entertaining area that is neglected and packed away for the season with no afterthought. A savvy homebuyer will be thinking about how they can use the outdoor area for BBQs and gatherings. Leaving your outdoor area unstaged can prevent them from seeing the potential it offers and what a boon it will become summer.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Even when you are selling your home in the winter, your landscaping needs to be top-notch. This means leaves raked, snow shoveled, grass maintained, and bushes and plants pruned. Making sure the outside of your home looks as luxurious as the inside during the Greenville, SC winter home sales months will better your chances of getting an offer from a homebuyer. While this is a natural in the summertime, many sellers overlook this detail when it comes selling their home in the cooler months.

Light It Up

With winter comes early nights and dark days. Many of the homebuyers that will be entertaining your home for an offer will do so in the evening hours and you need to make sure that they see it in all its glory. Don’t rely on buyers to turn on all the lights as they tour your home. Light it up for them. Turn every light on before they come in. Open the shades and add lamps in areas that seem dark. A potential homebuyer is looking for a light, bright, and airy home and yours needs to fit the bill when you are selling your home.  

Make It Cozy

As winter hits so do the cooler temperatures. You need to make sure your home doesn’t feel frigid to buyers that are looking for a cozy place to call their own. Turn the temperature to a more comfortable level than you may keep it at normally. Buyers will feel the relief from the outdoors as they enter and enjoy the welcoming nature of your home provides, giving you a better chance for an offer from them.

Freshen It Up With Some Floral

Winter home sales in Greenville, SC, need every advantage they can get and bringing a little bit of nature indoors can help you achieve a fresh and cheery look to your home. Sprinkling vases of flowers or well-maintained plants around your home can make it more inviting and prevent that drab winter feeling from taking over.

Keep It Clean

Winter invites more dirt and grime into your home in addition to extra layers of clothes that can start to pile up in an entryway. Keep your home as clean and clutter-free as possible during a home showing. Homebuyers will take note if a home that is not well-maintained or potentially doesn’t have the space to store their winter outerwear from sight.

Let Hearthstone Investors Help Sell Your Home in Greenville, SC

Making your home as pristine as possible in the winter months may take a little more effort, but it will be well worth it when the transaction closes quickly as a result. Put yourself in the shoes of the homebuyers and evaluate your home with a critical eye. Any areas that need tidying up should get it so you can get an offer as soon as possible. Let Hearthstone Investors of Greenville, SC, help you with your winter home sale. We can help you identify the areas of your home that need attention helping you to sell your home as fast as possible.  Even though summer is just around the corner, if you are set on selling your home in the winter, it’s never to early to start preparing for the process.  Call Hearthstone Investors today to discuss strategy in getting your home sold as fast as possible.


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