Sell an Inherited House in Greenville

Would you like to sell an inherited house in Greenville SC? Have you acquired estate property and do you live in or around Greenville, South Carolina? Is it subject to probate home sales? If you need to sell probate house you will probably have a hard time finding a buyer, especially if you are in a hurry. Many buyers rely on mortgage loans to obtain the cash they need, and banks usually like avoiding probate on house sales.

Inheriting a house and waiting for the probate process to end, may not be an option either. The reason is that it takes several months, sometimes close to one year, depending on if you are inheriting a house that is paid off, it is involved in selling inherited property to sibling or family member, the number of heirs, the existence of a will, and any probate home sales disputes.

Probate real estate is difficult to sell, not just in Greenville or South Carolina, but all across the U.S. Your only chance at selling your inherited house would be to find a home buyer willing to pay the price upfront. Unfortunately, this will be difficult or close to impossible.

Why is Selling an Inherited House So Difficult?

  • Home Buyers usually avoid probate home sales because they imagine fights between the heirs, inherited property may have liens, troublesome paperwork, and a long waiting period before closing the deal.
  • Those who can afford to buy a home upfront usually want things you probably cannot offer: smart homes they can control from a distance, open spaces, huge windows, automatic garage doors, radiant floor heating systems, kitchen islands, home spas, and high-end security systems.
  • The inherited property has probably not been inhabited for months and has not seen maintenance or repair work for years. Even if you find someone willing to buy it as it is, they will request a home inspection and pick on the smallest imperfection to convince you to drop the price.
  • If you have the time and the money, you could invest a few thousand dollars in repairs and staging to make it look more appealing, and invest another couple of days in taking photos, writing descriptions, and advertising it on the most popular real estate platforms. Unfortunately, the fact that you are stressing over selling an inherited house – and can’t wait for the probate process to end suggests you have neither time nor money to spare.
  • Even if you contact a real estate agent, it will still take weeks, if not months, of answering phone calls, making the place available for open house presentations, showing the house to potential home buyers, and negotiating incredibly low prices. When they finally succeed to close a deal, they deduct a huge commission from your money.

We are sure you have better things to do with your time and your money, and we believe you deserve better than that, so Hearthstone Investments of Greenville would like to make you an offer to help you in selling your probate house with ease. By selling the inherited house to us, you will save money, have peace of mind, less stress, and after it is all said and done, be happy to have done business with us. That’s right we can make selling an inherited house almost effortless!

How to Sell Estate Property – I Inherited a House and Sold It!

how to sell estate propertySelling Your Inherited House. We’d love to hear you say “I inherited a house and sold it!” to Hearthstone Investors. This is what you’ll be able to say after you work with our team at Hearthstone Investors in Greenville.

We know how troublesome selling a probate home in Greenville can be. We also know how picky buyers are and how difficult convincing them to pay your asking price can be, especially when the property does not look at its best (Lets face it, probate home sales don’t always produce the best real estate sales scenarios – for home buyer or home seller).

After all, 85% of Greenville residents have white collar jobs and earn their living using computers. They know what they want, they know market prices, and they know how to bargain. They also have strange schedules, and they expect you to accommodate them.

We know how difficult it is to attract these home buyers to inherited homes in Greenville, South Carolina. But we have managed to find a way to close the gap between what sellers like you have to offer and what home buyers willing to pay upfront want: we buy inherited or probate real estate in Greenville, and we transform it.

How to Sell Estate Property or an Inherited House to Hearthstone Investments and Why?

The home selling process does not have to be stressful or expensive. At Hearthstone Investments, we offer a fast, confidential, and streamlined process to help home sellers selling an inherited house, which is usually extremely difficult to sell. Properties with tree damage, flood damage, probate homes, or those in pre-foreclosure are all accepted by Hearthstone Investments. Here’s what you should know:

1. Fair Price

When home buyers look at a probate property that has not been maintained in years, they see things they do not like and repairs they want to be made. Both are holes that only consistent investments can fill. When we look at it, we see its potential, ways to transform it into what today’s home buyers want.

We have been in this business for a long time, so we know from evaluating your property and comparing it with common trends how much we can afford to pay in order to be able to make a profit. We pay fair prices because we know selling a house inherited from family is not easy and we are grateful for the opportunity to bring that home back to life.

2. We Understand Your Needs and the Ins and Outs of How to Sell Estate Property

We know real estate probate sellers need upfront payments, and they usually need them fast. If you decide to sell your inherited house to us, you can be sure the process will be as smooth and streamlined as possible.

3. No Costs for Inspections or Contingencies

Since our home renovation projects are quite complex and involve in-depth repairs and consolidations, we never expect or ask our sellers to invest money in repair or maintenance work upfront.

We also like to deal with sellers directly, to get to know them and the story behind the property (if they are willing to share it, of course). This means there will be no home inspectors for you or any of our sellers to worry about and no contingencies, so selling your home becomes fast and easy.

4. Streamline, Hassle-Free Process

At Hearthstone Investments, we value both your time and ours, so we will not waste it on unnecessary discussions, endless negotiations, or useless paperwork. We have put together a simple and straightforward acquisition process that allows us to complete transactions and make payments on time.

There will be no complicated clauses or expensive and lengthy home inspections. If we want your property, and we probably will, we’ll make you a fair offer with no strings attached.

5. Discretion and Professionalism

Some of the most important criteria we apply when recruiting new members for our team are discretion, discipline, and professionalism. We understand inheritances can be tricky and relationships can turn south when money is involved. We know you have just lost someone dear and all we want is to help you move forward in life by working with you to achieve your goals fast and easy.

To make that possible, we will only ask questions that strictly concern us, and we will not disclose the information you may share with us to third parties. We will take as little of your time as possible, and we will do our best to adjust to your schedule and meet all your expectations. Should you have any questions or concerns, we will do our best to answer them.

Concerning Probate Do I Have to Claim the Sale of My House on Taxes

When you sell a house do you have to pay taxes? We cannot advise you how to avoid paying taxes when selling a house. You should check with the experts on that. There are various rules and laws you have to follow, for example there are rules for selling inherited property to sibling, or selling property to a son or daughter for $1. Check with your CPA for legal answers to these concerns.

Only 4 Steps of Selling Greenville Probate Real Estate to Hearthstone Investments

According to the South Carolina Code of Laws Title 62, Article 3, Section 62-3-1301 et. seq., in order to sell probate real estate, you have to either be the personal representative of the deceased, appointed through last will and testament or obtain approval from the probate judge.

Once this detail is solved, selling an inherited probate house to Hearthstone Investments only takes four easy steps, the same for any other property:

  1. You contact Hearthstone Investments and give us details about your property
  2. We do our research and schedule a meeting so we can see it
  3. We do our math and make you an offer you cannot refuse
  4. We meet, sign the papers, and pay the price

When you contact us about wanting to sell an inherited house from family in Greenville, SC, do not hesitate to give us any details you consider relevant, including but not limited to:

  • Whether or not you have the probate judge’s approval to sell the inherited house
  • Who the legal representative is
  • The location of the probate property
  • Size and condition
  • Special circumstances (mortgages, liens)
  • Photo of the house and the surroundings
  • Asking price

By providing our team with this information upfront, you get rid of yet another lengthy process that could delay the sale of your home. Instead, let us know the exact conditions your home is in and your current situation so that we can complete the process and get you your money as soon as possible.

Take the First Step to A Probate Home Sales in Greenville

You have nothing to lose by contacting us to find out what your inherited home may be worth. If you agree to our pricing, you could sell your probate home and get the money you need to move forward in life. At Hearthstone Investments, we pride ourselves in making the home selling process as simple as possible for those in tough situations.

Avoiding Probate on House

Do not leave your door open to regrets by waiting to Sell an inherited house that has been “placed in your hands”. Contact us now and let us make you the offer you have been waiting for!

Let's get started with your FREE Home Evaluation.

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