While you do not have the right to conceal flood or water damage before the sale of property, it is very important to make the house presentable and aesthetically-pleasing if you plan to make a traditional sale. Renovations after a flood can be incredibly costly. Still, a few simple fixes will deliver great results and improve the odds of completing the sale quickly.

To sell a house with water damage, you have to accept the fact that the amount you are going to get will not be optimal. Still, there are things you can do to your Greenville property in order to attract serious buyers.

Consider Making Immediate Repairs After the Flood

When selling a house with flooding damage in Greenville, remember that the things you do immediately in the aftermath of the disaster are incredibly important. Water is a powerful, disruptive force. In the absence of immediate repairs, it can cause irreversible structural damage.

The first 48 hours after a flood are crucial. Obviously, you will have to call the insurance company first. Next, begin examining the water damage and making a list. Remove fabric and items that soak water. All of these will create the perfect conditions for the growth of mold in the future.

Remove as much water as possible, this is imperative if you want to salvage hardwood floors, furniture, and decorative elements made of materials that can soak water.

Drywall has to be cut out and replaced. This material does not have the ability to dry quickly. Not only will it be damaged by water, it will also potentially harbor mold. Send all furniture, rugs, carpets and accessories to dry cleaners. These can be salvaged if the moisture and the dirt are extracted quickly.

Can I Sell a House with Water Damage in Greenville As-Is?

Sell Home with Water Damage in Greenville, South Carolina

A burst pipe or faucet left unattended could lead to serious water damage for your home. Hearthstone Investors can take your damaged property off your hands.

Water damage repairs can be very costly. This is why many owners consider as-is sales. This is possible, but a few simple fixes will still be required to make the property attractive.

When selling a house as-is, the determination of a reasonable price will be of key importance. A house that has been damaged by water will cost less than property that is intact. Still, completing the sale quickly may result in financial gains for the owner.

To sell a house with water damage in as-is condition, you will still have to do a thorough scrubbing. Get rid of any buildup and impurities deposited by the water. Remove the stuff that could potentially allow for the growth of mold. You can even repaint the walls to brighten up the interior and create more pleasant ambiance.

Even if you do not have the funds for extensive repairs, hire cleaners who know how to handle water and flood damage. There are some specialized cleaning techniques that homeowners are unaware of. These will result in a pretty good outcome as far as the condition of the property is concerned.

Be Careful About Structural Damage and Health Risks

Even if you do not have the funds, structural damage and health risks have to be addressed before you sell a house with water damage in Greenville, South Carolina.

If you have insurance, you will get coverage for such damage. The only problem is that time will be required to get a settlement. Still, you can do an inspection and you can initiate the house sale process before the insurance claim is finalized.

A property appraiser or construction contractors can take a look at the piping, the wiring and the structural integrity of the property. Problems with those can jeopardize lives and a house should obviously be fixed before a sale.

Health risks are also very common after water damage. Mold is one of the problems that has already been mentioned. Whenever a home is flooded, the water could bring an array of additional pathogens and contaminants to the property.

Sell Your Water Damaged Home in Greenville, South Carolina

While this may all seem like a lot of work, you should know that renovations or immediate repairs are not the only ways to sell a home with water damage. Believe it or not, there is a market for water damaged property. Expectations will have to be kept reasonable, however, and the owner will need to come up with a good action plan.

To sell a house with water damage in Greenville, South Carolina, you should reach out to Hearthstone Investors. We offer homeowners in Greenville great rates for their damaged property. And since we plan on renovating anyway, we often can give offers that are more generous than they would receive from a traditional home buyer. For more information about selling a home with flood damage, reach out to Hearthstone Investors of Greenville, South Carolina.


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