How to Sell a Damaged Home in Greenville SC

Does selling a damaged home in Greenville, South Carolina seems close to impossible? We know the feeling. Buyers seem to forget that ice storms and high winds are frequent in the area. Trees fall, water infiltrates and causes mold, and fires start all the time, yet they want homes in perfect condition, and they try to reduce the price with every imperfection they can find.

Selling damaged homes in Greenville has become a challenge not even real estate agents are willing to accept. However, when you put yourself in the buyers’ shoes, you have to admit it makes sense. Would you invest in a home that requires in-depth repairs whose price you can only estimate when there are ready-to-move-in homes on sale for excellent prices? You probably would not.

However, no matter how justified or exaggerated buyers’ expectations are, you still have to sell your storm damaged home, so let’s review the challenges of selling a home according to the type of damage and what options you have available.

The Challenges of Selling Damaged Homes in Greenville, South Carolina

1. Selling a Home with Mold in Greenville

Besides compromising structures and appearance, mold is a health hazard, and an excuse potential buyers can use against you to lower the price. The options for selling a home with mold range from disclosing the situation and accepting a lower price to paying for mold removal and repairs.

If you are thinking of just wiping out the mold and hiding its presence, you should think again. The South Carolina Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act forbids it and gives the buyer the right to sue you. You could have to reverse the transaction and pay back the buyer, pay the cost of the repairs, or pay compensation. It goes without saying that court and attorney fees would fall under your responsibility, as well.

This brings us to the safest and most convenient option of selling a home with mold the Greenville real estate market offers – real estate renovators like Hearthstone Investors. We buy damaged homes at fair prices, repair and fix them, and then get them back out onto the market. Keep reading to find out what selling damaged homes to Hearthstone Investors means.

2. Selling a House with Tree Damage in Greenville

Trees fall in Greenville during every storm. Homeowners have gotten used to it, and many have taken measures to prevent or cover the damage:

  • Acquiring home insurance to pay for storm damage
  • Cutting down any trees threatening their property
  • Reinforcing their roofs to make sure they can handle the weight of a falling tree, and more

However, even when you do take measures to be cautious, sometimes the unexpected happens, and you are still left with tree damage to your home. If that happens to you, then you may feel like selling a home with tree damage is the only logical option for you and your family moving forward. But as you know, this can prove difficult for several reasons.

First, just as you and your family want to move on from a tree damaged home, there are not many potential buyers interested in investing in a house with tree damage, either. When showing your home, they may likely just see dollar signs when it comes to how much they will need to spend on repairs. They may use this as a talking point to lower your asking price or request that you make repairs before the sale ends.

The trouble is, if you had the money to repair the roof, it is likely that you would have done it on your own. This brings us to your last and best alternative: selling your damaged property to Hearthstone Investors. We renovate all of the properties we purchase, so we are less concerned with how your property looks now and more focused on the potential for how it could look in the future.

3. Selling a House with Fire Damage in Greenville

No matter if the fire started from storm lightning, from a malfunctioning appliance, or from a faulty electric circuit, the reality is the same: your property is damaged, and the repairs would cost a fortune. Replacing a house’s electrical system is not only costly but also troublesome.

You would have to replace light fixtures, sockets, appliances, the wiring and the electric panel, not to mention the expensive repairs needed afterward. In addition, you probably lost a lot of valuable possessions in the fire, which only adds to the expenses you will have to pay out in order to get your home in order and your life back on track.

You need to cut your losses and sell your home. But selling a house with fire damage seems impossible, as no one is willing to put in the money and the work to bring it to life. If you are lucky enough to get an offer, its value will probably be too low for you to move on to a new home. We would like to save you the stress, buy your fire-damaged house at a fair price, and turn it into a modern property where any Greenville resident would be proud to live.

4. Selling a House with Flood Damage in Greenville

Whether the water drainage system failed or a pipe burst and flooded your home, it makes no difference. The floors are already cupping, and crowning, the water infiltrating the walls will most likely lead to mold, and you can consider your old furniture history.

Every tour you give to a potential buyer is torment, and open house presentations are not an option. Regardless of how much your home was worth before this tragic accident, the value has significantly dropped, leaving you in a difficult position when it comes to selling your house and moving on with your life.

Unless you are willing to settle for nothing or invest a fortune to restore the home to its previous glory, chances are it will stay on the market for months, perhaps years. At Hearthstone Investors, we would like to use that time to turn it into a modern and inviting residence. We are ready to show you that selling a house with flood damage at a fair price is not impossible if you give us a chance.

How to Sell Your Storm Damaged Home in Greenville Fast and Conveniently

Forget all about expensive repairs and useless presentations, about advertising in vain and begging real estate agents to include your property in their portfolio. In fact, you can forget any advice you may have received on how to sell your storm-damaged home.

We have a much better solution for you: sell your house as is, at a great price, with no investments and no risks of being sued for failing to disclose its condition! We will buy it from you as soon as possible, with no intermediaries or payment delays.

All you have to do is follow these four simple steps:

  1. Send us a message with your contact details and property information
  2. Answer our call to schedule a visit
  3. Show us the price and wait for our offer
  4. Accept the offer (if you find it acceptable), sign the papers, and get your money.

Why Homeowners Selling Damaged Homes in Greenville Should Work with Us

  • Excellent Price – We do not care about the damage, as all the properties we buy go through complex rehabilitation works in order to become the high-end residences our clients need and expect. We have excellent planning and cost control methods, so we can determine exactly how much we can afford to pay in order to offer you a fair deal and still make a profit when putting the property back on the market.
  • Fast Payments – Since we plan on renovating the homes we purchase, we do not have to spend time negotiating with you about home inspections or repairs we would like you to make before selling. That means less time going back and forth with our team. All we need to do in order to make sure the cash ends up in your pocket is agree on the details and sign the papers.
  • Speedy Process – Our goal is to gain possession of your property immediately so we can begin the rehabilitation process. We will, therefore, do everything in our power to finalize the transaction as soon as possible. The sooner you get in touch and show us the place, the sooner you can get your money.
  • No Intermediaries – You will be working directly with our agents, so you do not have to worry about delays, additional costs, or commissions.
  • Discrete and Friendly Service – No one has to know you ever got in touch with us, and surely no one will find out how much we paid for your home or in what condition we found it. We have strict confidentiality rules, and our team members are discrete and friendly professionals, committed to making your collaboration with our company a smooth and pleasant experience.

Discover the Hearthstone Investors Solution for Selling Damaged Homes Fast

Selling damaged property in Greenville, South Carolina does not have to take months or require significant money and effort on your part. You do not have to accept a low price or put up with people trying to undervalue your property just because it shows signs of water or fire damage, or it could use some repairs.

At Hearthstone Investors, we cut out the intermediaries and homes inspections to make the home selling process as streamlined as possible for you. We know that what matters the most is that you get the money you need to find a new home, cover your expenses, and move on with your life.

Stop looking for information on how to sell your storm-damaged home in Greenville and get to it! At Hearthstone Investors, we look forward to finding out more about your property and scheduling a visit, so contact us today and let’s make it happen.


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