The new website launched by highlights the company’s focus on purchasing Greenville homes.

(Greenville, South Carolina) — Greenville, South Carolina is considered the fourth fastest growing city in the United States. While this is true, the number of old, abandoned homes continues to grow. This historic area is a popular place to live; however, there are many homes and properties that need work due to serious damages that have taken place over the years.

To help the development of this area, Hearthstone Investors has announced the launch of a new website, focused on the area of Greenville, South Carolina.

“While our team can help with any property owner looking to Sell Your Home, we not only work with “move in ready” structures,” stated company owner Ron Rallis. “We can also help with inherited properties, damaged properties, properties in foreclosure or facing other financial issues, and more. Our goal is to make this growing area more viable and provide housing solutions for those moving into the region.”

Real Estate Investors for Greenville, South Carolina Homes

At Hearthstone Investors, we take damaged or unwanted Greenville houses and turn them into beautiful and desirable homes.

With the frequency of ice storms and damaging weather, dealing with damaged homes isn’t unusual for real estate investors serving the Greenville, South Carolina area. While some investors may avoid this type of property, the team at Hearthstone Investors embraces it. On the recently launched website, those looking to sell a damaged home, a home in or about to go into foreclosure, or that has other issues, can find more information.

“Our team is actively purchasing homes in Greenville that have been damaged by fallen trees, natural disasters or that are just in disrepair,” continued Rallis. “With our newly launched website, those looking to sell can find information and solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We can deal with homes in any state – from divorce and bankruptcy to tax delinquency and a wide array of other reasons.”

Anyone in the Greenville area searching for information about selling a damaged or otherwise vulnerable property can contact the team at Hearthstone Investors or visit the newly launched website to learn more.


Owned and operated by Ron and Paula Rallis, Greenville-based investors, Hearthstone Investors has a history of “breaking the mold.” For years, the couple has been actively investing in properties throughout the use and has successfully secured and converted countless commercial and residential properties. Today, the company is focused on the areas of August Road and Main in Greenville, helping to rebuild and restore this once prosperous region.

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