Can You Sell a House with Taxes Owed?

Can You Sell a House That Has Tax Liens Hearthstone Investors

Choosing to sell your house may be one of the biggest decisions you ever make. You have memories made in that house. You may have raised your children in that house. But when the time comes to move on, the last thing you want to do is find out you have tax liens. There are…

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How to Sell a House with a Damaged Roof in Greenville

Sell House with Damaged Roof in Greenville, South Carolina

Selling property in Greenville can help you generate some funds, especially in the aftermath of a disaster. A house with a damaged roof can be costly to restore to its original condition, which is why you may be wondering what it takes to get it sold. Some property owners will attempt to sell the house…

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The Benefits of Selling a Home As Is in Greenville, SC

Selling a Home As Is in Greenville, South Carolina

Selling a home as is and completing the process without the involvement of an inspector are two possibilities gaining more and more prominence among Greenville residents. A lot of time and effort can be put into getting a house ready for sale, so it would be ideal for many homeowners to forgo that process and…

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3 Ways to Avoid Probate in Greenville, SC

avoid probate greenville sc

How to Avoid Probate Entering probate on a property can be time-consuming and costly. Not only do you end with less inheritance, but it can be tied up in the courts for months or even years. During probate, those without a will have their estate transferred to the next of kin. This may sound like…

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