The Process of Selling a House with Fire Damage in Greenville, South Carolina

Selling a fire damaged home in Greenville, South Carolina, may seem like a mission impossible. The flames and the smoke would have left their print on nearly every aspect of the property. The renovations may be costly, which is why you may be wondering about selling a house with fire damage.

Should you repair first and sell next? Should you assess the scope of the damage to determine whether selling is an option? These are just two of the questions you may have. The following guide will try to shed some light on selling a damaged property and how to get the best possible outcome.

Sell Immediately or Renovate?

Selling a house with fire damage in Greenville, South Carolina is obviously much more difficult than selling a Greenville house that has been renovated. Unfortunately, addressing fire damage is way too costly for many residential property owners. As a result, they decide to sell the property as is.

Selling as is will usually rank as the easier option. The downside is that it will have a negative effect on the price. In the case of extensive fire damage, the property will probably spend a lot of time on the market before a buyer is found.

Repairs result in a more marketable home that can be sold quickly. The repairs themselves, however, take time. The owner will also have to deal with contractors, the mess, and the purchase of materials.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Some repairs can be done before selling a house with fire damage without hiring contractors. You can deal with such simpler renovations on your own and they will still have a positive effect on the price.

Selling a House with Fire Damage in Greenville and Insurance

Selling a House Fire Damage in Greenville, South Carolina

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Anyone who has insurance can get compensation for damages before a property sale occurs. Obviously, getting that insurance check is great because coverage for the renovations will be provided.

The problem is that insurance companies do not like providing compensation after natural disasters. Such events can contribute to significant losses. This is why compensation can be minimal and some claims will be turned down.

There is no need to wait for an insurance claim to be finalized before the sale of property occurs. Negotiations with insurers can take many months and it is usually a good idea to sell a fire damaged home as quickly as possible.

The house is already worthless after the fire. Allowing it to sit empty for a prolonged period of time and without repairs will deteriorate its condition even further. Thus, initiating the sale while dealing with an insurance company will make a lot of sense.

The Importance of Proper Cleaning

Even when repairs are not possible due to financial problems, a good scrubbing can do miracles for the property and its presentability. Hiring a professional is once again the best approach. Fire and smoke damage will leave a serious mark on the floors, the walls and the exterior of the home. Prospective home buyers have to see the house in its best condition. Refraining from any cleanup in the aftermath of a disaster is far from the best marketing approach.

Burnt accessories can be thrown out of the house. Walls can be scrubbed and repainted. It doesn’t cost a lot to freshen up the appearance of the property and make it much more welcoming.

The smell of smoke itself should also be addressed. Professionals know how to handle the task because a lingering smell will discourage potential buyers from exploring, regardless of the fact they know that the property has suffered fire damage.

Safety Checks Are a Must When Selling a Home with Fire Damage in Greenville

Selling a house with fire damage also necessitates a bit of additional caution about safety. The electrical system, pipework, and insulation should all be examined. All of these can be compromised in a fire. Not only will repairs be required, such problems may endanger somebody’s life.

A final thing to examine for is mold. When fires are put out, a lot of water is left in the home. The moisture creates the perfect conditions for the growth of mold – a serious health hazard.

Selling a Fire Damaged Home is Possible in Greenville, South Carolina

A policy of honesty and open communication with potential buyers will help when selling a fire damaged home. Unless the property is severely damaged and structurally-compromised, it can be sold. Extensive cleaning will be required, but there is no need for costly repairs if you do not have the funds. An adequate price in such instances will allow for the quick completion of the sale.

At Hearthstone Investors, we have experience helping residents find simple, confidential solutions when they need to sell their homes quickly. With our help, you can move past your old home and begin rebuilding your life by selling your fire damaged home in Greenville, South Carolina with no hassle.

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