Greenville-based investors, Ron and Paula Rallis, have a history of breaking the mold. As an undergrad at Biola University in California, Ron developed a market for off-campus housing at the small, private Christian college. By introducing first-time student renters to apartment options, he realized his talent for real estate ventures and leveraged this experience to begin a career.

From there, Rallis acquired a real estate portfolio with holdings in California, New York and Arizona before relocating to Greenville. Since moving to South Carolina, he has invested in more than 400 individual acquisitions and has located, secured and converted countless other residential and commercial properties. With a distinct focus on downtown Greenville realty, Rallis has helped shape the architectural feel and streetscape of the North Main and Augusta Road neighborhoods.

Though our business model originated in buy and hold rental properties, our focus has shifted to buy and sell residential renovations, and for the past two years, development and redevelopment of commercial properties. We continue to include renovation projects, in-fill development, historic preservation, and new construction within our portfolio. We are proud to be stable financially and have a solid relationship with our local banking community. We are committed to reinvesting our knowledge and resources back into Greenville and the Upstate of South Carolina.



We purchase homes in Greenville that are damaged from natural disasters, fallen trees or just in disrepair.  If you need to sell your home quickly because of a divorce, bankruptcy, tax delinquency, or any other reason, call us.


You and Paula are two of the nicest persons I know.  I respect and have learned from you and admire your intelligence and vision. Mike Oakley

Oakley Construction

I’m a mother of two girls, with my first boy on the way. What should have been a happy time in my life had instantly become the most stressful. A few months ago, I found out that I had been a victim of a scam. Where I thought I purchased a home through a company, they had no legal rights to sell me the home. My home was being put up for auction, and I was going to be homeless even though I had made my payments for three years. I went to two different attorneys and I was told by both my only option was to come up with the money and purchase the home through the auction that was being held. Mr. Rallis heard my story, and went out of his way to help my family. He purchased my home, and has helped me legally own my home with payments in my price range. There aren’t many people in this world that go above and beyond to help strangers these days but Mr. Rallis is definitely one of those people. My family and I are extremely grateful to Mr. Rallis he gave us a Christmas miracle this year that we will never forget. Thank you, Mr. Rallis for caring more about real people rather than just a profit. Christina and Jarod M.

Ron and Paula are a great team to work with. Their vast experience and design ideas always create a perfect product – a fabulous home for every new homeowner. They are very responsive and knowledgeable about the building process so you know you are buying a quality home. I’ve enjoyed working with them both! Blair Miller

Willson Associates Real Estate

I have been working with Ron Rallis for over 10 years. I handle his residential and commercial insurance. Ron is a true professional and an expert in his field. Ron is not only a client, but a dear friend to those he surrounds himself with. Vic Morgano

The Morgano Agency

Ron and Paula are the great clients, I manage all of their properties. They are very responsive and accommodating to the needs of their tenants. Matt Foster

Carolina Moves Property Management

I really appreciate the work relationship I have with the Rallis’. We always have a great open, transparent conversation. They are always looking for options and are open to new ideas and thinking outside the box. I appreciate that they always want to do the right thing with building and not cut a corner. I enjoy working with them because they treat subs with respect and well as myself. Michael Redmon

Boardman Group

I am convinced the finished product will manifest a new era in real estate development. Jim Shope

Entegra Bank


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